H&B is all about giving people the chance to own a product that is as unique and beautiful as the dogs they were designed for. H&B offer a made to order service where customers design their own bandanas from our choice of stylish fabrics.

H&B Bandanas was established in August 2016 because I wanted to create unique dog bandanas for my two dogs, Hugo & Bagel. I work full time as a Pharmacy Technician in the NHS and so began sewing up different designs in my spare time using my Granny’s old sewing equipment. The first design I created was named ‘The Sheila’ after my wonderful Granny and so my H&B journey began.

A year on and today’s bandanas have transformed into beautiful creations mostly inspired by our own dogs but also by the gorgeous dogs we meet. Hugo our Basset Hound, Bagel our Beagle and Fred the handsome old Basset who joined our family in March 2017, do a fantastic job of quality testing and modelling my creations!

H&B bandanas are extra special, perfect for all dogs and every single one is made with love in Northamptonshire, by me. Kirstin 🐾