The Merlin

'The Merlin' was designed for our friends dog, a gorgeous cockapoo.  We, like our friends often struggle to leave our wonderful dogs for any length of time and an evening out can be shortened rushing back for the dogs.  Our friends had the fabulous idea of inviting a group of friends round and including our Hugo and Bagel on the invite too.  'The Merlin' dog bandana was a thank you for such a thoughtful invite.

What to know how the evening went?  We had a fantastic night with fantastic friends, and enjoyed each others company until the early hours and it was awesome that Hugo and Bagel got to be party animals too!  And of course they went dressed to impress in matching H&B dog bandanas.

I have to say that having my dogs running around in someone else's home sent my anxiety levels through the roof!  However, Hugo did me proud and my 18 month old basset that lets out a little wee when excited did not get a drop on my friends lovely cream carpet.  And of course a beer or two worked wonders on my dog anxiety!

Merlin was an amazing host to Hugo and Bagel and was just as excited as they were to have new friends to play with.  Merlin even let Hugo and Bagel play with his massive stash of toys!  We had such a great time and are already looking forward to returning the invite and having Merlin round to party with us!